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  technical notes
Commissioning Architectural PhotographyBest practices in working with a professional photographer -- This is the definitive guide for architects working with photographers. The guide was published by the Architectural Photographers Specialty Group of ASMP.
Aircraft Pricing for Aerial PhotographyThis document explains how the price of the aircraft is factored into the fees charged.
Licensing PhotographyMost commercial photography is licenced, not sold, for a specific use or uses over a designated period of time. Read more in this document.
People in Architectural PhotographsThere is a growing trend to include people in architectural photographs to add a sense of scale to the space. Read about some of the issues involved in this document.
Airplanes vs. Helicopters for Aerial PhotographyOne of the primary factors that must be considered when preparing for an aerial photography assignment is whether an airplane or helicopter would be more appropriate. While at first glance there may not seem to be any difference between them, there are a few important issues that must be considered.
Successful Planning for Architectural PhotographyA great photograph is more than simply arriving at a site, setting up a camera and tripping the shutter. A successful architectural photograph is the result of thorough pre-production and planning and a creative collaboration between the photographer and client.
Sharing the Cost of Assignment PhotographsIn an effort to help my clients maximize their marketing dollars, I have a program that allows multiple clients to share the cost of photographing a project.
File ConversionDigital photography has provided photographers with a wealth of new tools in creating images. It is far more flexible than film and allows us to enhance images in ways we only dreamed about ten years ago. However, like film it does have some limitations.
Production FeesMy policy is to itemize the various costs on my estimates and invoices to produce a photographic or video assignment. I believe that by breaking out these costs, my clients have a better understanding of all of the component costs of a production. These are explanations of the typical charges for the majority of my assignments.

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  32 Calvin Court South . Tonawanda, NY 14150 . 716-228-4960 .
Buffalo architectural photographer James Cavanaugh creates architectural photography and aerial photography for Architects, Contractors, Engineers, Real Estate Developers, Healthcare and Education. Established longer than any other Buffalo architectural photographers, James Cavanaugh has been creating award winning architectural and interior photography for nearly thirty-five years. James Cavanaugh creates architectural photographs and aerial photographs of projects in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, Southern Ontario and the entire North East United States and Great Lakes Area for clients worldwide.

James Cavanaugh is a noted expert on digital architectural photography and digital aerial photography. After an assignment, James Cavanaugh will prepare your digital photographs and digital files quickly and post them on his website for you to review. Finished high resolution digital flies can be delivered on CD-ROM or by FTP. Beautiful digital color prints or B&W prints can be made up to 44x96 inches in size.

James Cavanaugh has his clients use his architectural photographs and aerial photographs in publications, in advertisements, for marketing and direct mail, for Audio Visual and Powerpoint presentations and for their internet sites and other website use. James Cavanaugh also has had many of his clients win design award competitions using his award winning architectural photography and aerial photography.

James Cavanaugh also has thousands of stock architectural photographs and aerial photographs of Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York. They are all available for license.

James Cavanaugh is a member and National Director of ASMP, The American Society of Media Photographers representing the world’s best photographers whose work is for publication.